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Entice your readers to click on or pick up your book, so they read your blurb and become hooked.


Special Offer!

So here’s the deal – I’m experienced in commercial design and illustration, but I am relatively new to book covers, and would like to boost my initial portfolio. For a limited time and small number of projects, I will be offering a large discount on book covers in genres that I love. Send me a message via Facebook or Instagram to chat to see if your idea aligns with my style.

You’ve been researching long enough to know that you NEED a good cover to sell your book.

But finding a designer with graphic design AND great illustration skills, that you are willing trust with your masterpiece is HARD right?

Sitting there for hours and hours writing until your brain melts night after night, you want the first impression to do all the work justice. Your attempts to use some of those DIY cover makers, ummm just don’t end up how you envision.

Maybe you’ve tried some of budget designer sites and the results have been… to put it nicely… disappointing.

You want an epic cover, but have done your research and know that a good cover doesn’t need to reveal the plot, but instead needs to visually belong in the correct genre, attract curiousity to read your blurb, all while not accidentally containing any copyrighted content, locations or likenesses that could wind up in a lawsuit. Ugh!


You hunt around online and in bookstore and you see all kinds of EPIC book cover art, and you’ve got serious book cover envy.


I’ve got you covered


I can create beautiful genre specific illustrations and professional book cover design that:

– Belong in the correct genre. This is key with book covers.

– Quality, polished artwork – I seek to raise the standards with every piece of art. No awkward shaped limbs, weird eyes, or ugly fonts (unless they are very deliberately chosen to be).

– Original custom created art – peace of mind no stolen images or overused stock artwork,

– Clean sources: no logos or likenesses that could get you in hot copyright waters.

– I can create marketing material to support you promoting your book.

urban fantasy book cover design
hedgehog pet portrait drawing, Truro Portrait artist illustrator
hedgehog pet portrait drawing, Truro Portrait artist illustrator

Hello! I’m Rebecca.


A bookworm and passionate creator of things from a tiny age including illustrating children’s books, T-shirt art, brand and logo design, and web design. A BA Hons Graphic Design & Illustration graduate with 15+ years experience working as a graphic artist and web designer. I now combine my absolute favourite pastime – drawing, with my graphic skills to bring you eye-catching book covers to stand proud amongst the current best sellers.

Continuously upgrading my skills with courses and practice, and with 15+ years of working with clients to ensure they are happy with the finished pieces, I’m excited to create for you a cover that . Contact me to chat about how I can help your book shine.

Rebecca Hill - portrait artist at Glowbug Design

 Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation (phone, skype or messaging) to chat about your project.

or reach me through social media:

“After frustration with a number of other cover designers with long waits and much back and forth and still feeling dissatisfied, Rebecca was a dream to work with. She was friendly, efficient, and responsive to input. I highly commend her work.”

Hudson Trenholm


“The design was brilliant. Glowbug Design is good at listening to what people want and interpreting that.”

Gina Vereker

Director, FIS

“Rebecca came in and took us through the whole process with professionalism, creativity, and excellent communication at all times.”

Toby Lynas

Director, PBSA


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