Overwhelmed mom
Overwhelmed mom

Sometimes, (a lot) are you too busy to think straight?

Do you find yourself with a never ending to do list that seems to expand faster than you check things off?

Sometimes in the morning or during the day do you find you get off track, and don’t have the mental energy left to choose from the 1000 things in your head what to do next?

Do you wake up in the night worrying if you remembered to do something?

I certainly do but… I found ways to help. This template is an easy brain clearing process lightens the load so well.  I have made it into a pretty and easy to use template for you to use when you have so much to do you just grind to a halt.

In this free printable template download are steps to:

Reduce overwhelm – stop trying to juggle it all in your head and let paper carry some of the load.

Organize the thoughts into their groups and check in with yourself on what really matters.

Create a Daily Focus List with my templates.
A giant never ending list is depressing. Pick out from your priorities what really matters and keep that focus clear and uncluttered.

Sound good? I think so too! Grab it below.


Preview of Brain Rescue Template
This is a printable template. Would you like a fillable version created?
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“Rebecca’s first brand draft drew a deeply emotional response as for the first time, I felt like someone had been able to get inside my head and truly convey my “why” and the spirit of the brand. It truly brought me to tears as I finally felt that someone heard what I was trying to say but didn’t know how to.”

Donna McDonald-Landry

Owner, Timeless & Twist Fashion Boutique

branding for female entrepreneurs with spirit

You’ve been in business a few years, long enough to know that the brand pieces you currently use may have served you this far, but don’t reflect the professional you are. You’re ready to commit to the next level: A developed, polished brand that pulls everything you value together, that connects on an emotional level with both you and your clients, and that you are thrilled to represent you.

A brand is way more than a logo. It is a collection of colours, fonts and elements that when used in a consistent way builds trust and recognition with your audience. A well thought out brand communicates your values, and connects emotionally.

When you have the perfect brand locked down, it frees you up to concentrate on your content and your clients, and all the parts of your business that really light you up. No more wasting time on self doubt or imposter syndrome. With an aligned brand you gain more confidence to take on the world.

Glowbug Design brand element - leafy branch

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