Shiny Scroll-stopping Backgrounds

for Creators!

Get your FREE creator resources to SHINE YOUR UNIQUE LIGHT and avoid overused free stock photos and textures.

Shiny Scroll-stopping Backgrounds

for Creators!

Get your FREE creator resources to SHINE YOUR UNIQUE LIGHT and avoid overused free stock photos and textures.


Becca’s Backgrounds – The Scoop

Hello! If you’re here I likely sent you this way to find out what on earth I am on about with this backgrounds stuff. To keep it short and sweet – which I rarely do… (longer story here)

I make pretty backgrounds for content makers!

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free painted background textures


Becca’s Backgrounds Background.

Oh, hey, you’re still reading! Great.

So I’m a professional graphic designer and artist and I spend a LOT of my days creating designs. Like everyone I like using free images from Canva and Unsplash etc. but I got sick of seeing the same stuff over and over, and seeing the pics I chose on other peoples posts all around the world. I’m a creative and I want to be UNIQUE!

As a creative person, of course I can make my own. However, I know when you are trying to get a post made or a website, or any design, you just don’t have the time to make ALL the parts ALL of the time.

Luckily I LOVE to make textures. I’m obsessed with them. I can’t stop churning them out. I have unlimited ideas which is why I am really happy to share resources with other creators. I believe in abundance and room for everyone. We are all in this together!

I send my backgrounds out into the wild hoping to see what cool things people do with them, how you give it a new life with your content. To inspire people to take things to the next level and lean into the fun of it. I won’t be peeking over your shoulder judging or holding some weird strings of attachment over them (other than please don’t share them without combining them into your creation. Help me keep them exclusive and out of the cheesy clip art sites. I’d love you to share them with your friends, just please send them here to get them! Thanks!)

When we are happy creating, everything seems brighter in life. So I’d love you to join the list and pick and choose what speaks to you each week, and let me know if there is something you would like to see.

branding for female entrepreneurs with spirit

Becca’s backgrounds emporium of creator resources coming soon!

Watch this space!

For now, I just have free packs available (so terrible I know!)

Soon, for those who fall in love with a free pack and want more in the same style, I’ll be offering affordable extended packs with many times more, that come with extra useful bits and pieces like templates, pattern tiles and more.

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I’m Becca!

Artist, Designer, brand consultant and tea drinker.

My favourite thing is finding joy and beauty in the small things around us.

After way too many years trying to be someone else, someone more professional and sensible,  I needed a new, more creative adventure.

This journey took courage to listen to my intuition, to move away from the comfort zone, and what I found was the OPPOSITE of my fears. Being my authentic quirky self and leaning into creating joyfully drew far more abundance that trying to be ‘professional’.

This is why I created Becca’s Backgrounds. To share my obsession with capturing the beauty in textures all around us and, and to encourage others to quiet the mean inner voices, and take back their power.

To PLAY and create bold, beautiful creations joyfully.

Rebecca Hill - portrait artist and Brand Expert at Glowbug Design