Buy Art by Rebecca Hill

Exciting news! My art shop is in the works, but if you can’t wait, have no fear! On this page you can see which art is available to purchase.

To ask about or buy, just send me an email or fill in the How to Buy form to arrange getting your piece of magical art to you!

If you’ve seen a piece on my social media that’s not here, just ask to find out if it is available!

Magical Art Prints

Magical Greetings Cards

How to Buy:

Fill in the form and let me know what you are interested in. I’ll confirm the availability, price and shipping options. Pick up can be arranged for local orders.

Then if you want to go ahead, after payment, tiny pixies put together your order and ship it out.

Actually there’s just one normal size pixie. It’s me, but I may skip about while packing it up.