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Let’s Collaborate

Create a custom art project with me.

Have a creative project in mind? Need some sample art for a pitch to a publisher, or for Kickstarter, or to pitch to your audience to gauge interest?

My Get Glowing Art package is ideal for this.

The same strategic design process, just slightly different deliverables, customized to your goals.


BOOK COVER DESIGN + marketing materials

Get your book cover design and have a set of custom graphics to help you market it to your audience.


Have a brilliant vision for a deck and need a small set of sample art to pitch to your audience or publisher.


Need illustrations targeting your unique audience? I’ve got you covered.



We are a great fit if:

  • You are a caring, inspired human, who wants to do great things.
  • You don’t just have a dream, you have already invested your time in your project with content written, and you need great visuals to complete the vision.
  • You have a specific goal in mind. E.g. A live project, a kickstarter plan mapped out, an event, a launch, a book over 80% written.
  • You are ready and able to invest in your dream by hiring a professional artist with extensive experience in completing high quality projects.
  • You are action focused and all in on making your project happen!

We are NOT a great fit if:

  • You just have a vague idea and no content to illustrate.
  • You prefer to micromanage rather than work collaboratively.
  • You don’t have the time to commit to your side of making your dream happen.
  • You think that great art is the magical answer. It’s a very important piece, but it won’t reach the right people if you don’t have a plan to market the completed project properly and consistently. However, it is MUCH easier to market things when you love what you are selling!

Ready to get started?

Book a free Discovery call with me where we discuss your goals.

Prefer to write?

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“Rebecca’s first brand draft drew a deeply emotional response as for the first time, I felt like someone had been able to get inside my head and truly convey my “why” and the spirit of the brand. It truly brought me to tears as I finally felt that someone heard what I was trying to say but didn’t know how to.”

Donna McDonald-Landry

Owner, Timeless & Twist Fashion Boutique

“The first presentation was beautiful! I felt totally had heard and sensed what my business represents and who I am. She hit the nail on the head with the first concept. Even my husband said so! As soon as I saw it, I felt it right in my stomach!”

Regina Vereker

Owner, CobwebMoon | Crystals & Stones

“The final product, thus far, has absolutely blown me away. It was nothing like what I THOUGHT I was looking for, but quickly realized this is what I needed. Everything about my personality, what I want to represent, and who I am, is captured in this branding. Absolutely blows my mind.”

Andrew Rehberg

Streamer, Asgard Dad