Magical Realism Art by Rebecca Daphne Hill

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Rebecca Hill - portrait artist and Brand Expert at Glowbug Design

“Rebecca’s first brand draft drew a deeply emotional response as for the first time, I felt like someone had been able to get inside my head and truly convey my “why” and the spirit of the brand. It truly brought me to tears as I finally felt that someone heard what I was trying to say but didn’t know how to.”

Donna McDonald-Landry

Owner, Timeless & Twist Fashion Boutique

“The first presentation was beautiful! I felt totally had heard and sensed what my business represents and who I am. She hit the nail on the head with the first concept. Even my husband said so! As soon as I saw it, I felt it right in my stomach!”

Regina Vereker

Owner, CobwebMoon | Crystals & Stones

“The final product, thus far, has absolutely blown me away. It was nothing like what I THOUGHT I was looking for, but quickly realized this is what I needed. Everything about my personality, what I want to represent, and who I am, is captured in this branding. Absolutely blows my mind.”

Andrew Rehberg

Streamer, Asgard Dad