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Helping Extraordinary Entrepreneurs find brand clarity, guide with creating aligned websites that connect with your clients & are results focused for you.


  • Website & brand strategy coaching
  • Brand messaging guidance
  • Planning the customer journey
  • Connecting mailing lists and email accounts
  • Choosing a domain and platform
  • Help with setting up Squarespace accounts.
  • Layout design or Full Site Design
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Rebecca Hill Graphic Designer, Illustrator and portrait artist in Nova Scotia, Canada

Are you looking for creative help with your website and logo?


Are you overwhelmed by all the options out there?


Before diving into a website, it’s vital to get clear on your brand messaging and goals so you know what results you need. I ask all the right questions to help you focus on what will move things forward for your business the most including:


Who do you want to visit the site?

How do you want to show up?

What action do you want them to take?


Hello, I’m Rebecca, and I help businesses get their brand strategy clear with smart, beautiful graphics that help you stand out of the crowd with confidence.
I help with the strategy you need to make sure your website is not just a cookie cutter static brochure, but instead set up to create a great experience for your customers, and lead them to the actions YOU want them to take.


My goal is to empower you to maintain and update your own site, or if you want it all taken care of, we have options for that too.

Glowbug Design Web Designer Truro, Nova Scotia

Great design is just one part of making your brand shine.

Looking the part is important, but to get real connection and to reach the next level, we need to dig deeper.

Considering the ways your customers will interact with your business will give you much more than a sleek look. It will tell your story that will draw your tribe in.

If you are ready to dig into the strategy behind the scenes, ditch the superficial, and embrace authenticity, you have come to the right place.

Glowbug Design specializes in creating targeted, user friendly, high quality visuals for your business.  From creating a logo that reflects your core vision, to web design carefully tailored for your marketing goals, I can help.

With years of successful project delivering I can help you stand out and promote your business in  a professional, authentic way.

Rebecca Hill Graphic Designer, Illustrator and portrait artist in Nova Scotia, Canada

It’s your time to Shine!

Are you Ready?

For a free 30 minute consultation to chat about your project.

or reach me through social media:

Glowbug Design brand element - leafy branch


You know you need a logo, but that is just the tip of branding. Let’s dig in and capture what represents you, your values, how you want to show up, and what your clients are craving.

I make it easy for you with mood boards, colour palettes, logo design, and branding guides to help you create a cohesive, authentic, targeted identity.


You’ve attempted your own, but you are tearing your hair out trying to get it right. Or you’ve been meaning to get your business site up/ revamped for years but there is just not enough time to do it all.

Let me get you set up, make sure your branding flows seamlessly, and you can get to what you love – the work and the ‘why’ of your business.


I absolutely love to draw. And after 15+ years of designing for clients, I am very experienced in listening and asking the right questions to make sure what I create hits the mark.

From cartoons to realism to detailed vector graphics to abstract art, I take you through a development process and provide professional results.

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