I’m Rebecca – a creator, dreamer, optimist and intrepid problem solver.

I landed on this planet in Scotland, spent my teens in the wilds of North England, bagged a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration in the bright lights of Newcastle (at Northumbria Uni, one of the leading UK design schools at the time), before setting off alone on a working adventure to Nova Scotia Canada where my unsuspecting future husband was living his life in peace. After a brief spell back in Cumbria, I battled a freak snowstorm (closing the roads and shutting the trains down) to miraculously catch a flight back to Nova Scotia and my destiny.

Passionate creator of things from a tiny age including illustrating children’s books, T-shirt art, brand design, and web design. As a graphic artist and web designer in my business Glowbug Design & Illustrations for over a decade, I’m now focused on my projects that connect on an emotional level with my clients. From intuitive aligned branding to realism portraiture I aim to find the heart of each project and bring it to life with style!

Obsessively upgrading my skills and knowledge with courses and practice, and with 15+ years of working with clients to ensure they are happy with the finished pieces, I am committed to finding the best solution. I’m excited to work with you – let’s bridge the gap in making your dream creation a reality. Contact me to get started!

Rebecca Hill - brand graphic logo designer portrait artist at Glowbug Design
“Rebecca has become my designer of choice and the person I recommend to all my clients. Her thoughtful, methodical, and creative approach to any project ensures the end product is aligned with the client’s needs.

Her artist’s eye is a bonus and shines through each and every design decision. And best of all, she does what she says she’ll do in the timeframe agreed upon. All of this makes Glowbug Design & Illustration a very easy ‘yes’ for me!”

Debbie Lawrence

President, Abundant Living Inc.


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