About Rebecca Daphne Hill

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

I’m a magical realism & portrait artist and eternal optimist, from beautiful Nova Scotia.

With 20 years experience as a graphic designer I’m on a mission to make amazing magical art and support my creative peers by sharing my journey through the highs and lows of the creative life.


Sweet milky tea, garden and forest creatures, sunsets, the moon and stars, the ocean, rock and crystals, ghost & alien tales, mindset, neuroscience and psycology, existential chats and more!


Waiting, blame, judgement, raisins and spiders.

Art is often underrated source of joy in this life, both experiencing it and creating it. It improves mental health in so many ways. My dream would be that art is an encouraged and properly rewarded profession.


I believe we do better when we
– allow ourselves to show up as who we are
– support our peers genuinely
– and let it be fun!


Artist Statement

Rebecca Daphne Hill is a visual artist in her creative business Glowbug Design & Illustrations. Originally from Scotland, the magical forests often featured in her work are inspired from the woods around her childhood home and the woods surrounding her home in Nova Scotia. They are a beautiful bond from her from her roots to her present life.

Often working with acrylic paint, digital illustration & pencil crayons, and  references photos taken locally, she finds incredible beauty right on our doorstep, looking for connection, contrast a story and an element of magic.

Her art seeks to capture the limitless imagination hushed from childhood, and to invite the viewer to reflect on their own curiosity and true colours.

Glowbug Design brand element - leafy branch
Rebecca Hill - portrait artist and Brand Expert at Glowbug Design


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““Love, love love thank you! She cried when she opened it and said it was the most thoughtful gift she has ever received.” Carrie Burke

My Story –  Rebecca Daphne Hill

I landed on this planet in Scotland, spent my teens in the wilds of North England, bagged a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration in the bright lights of Newcastle (at Northumbria Uni, one of the leading UK design schools at the time), before setting off alone on a working adventure to Nova Scotia Canada where my unsuspecting future husband was living his life in peace. After a brief spell back in Cumbria, I battled a freak snowstorm (closing the roads and shutting the trains down) to miraculously catch a flight back to Nova Scotia and my destiny.

With 20+ years of working with creative clients to ensure they are happy with the finished pieces, (check out some reviews) I am committed to finding the best solution and create an enjoyable journey.

I’m currently open for art commissions, and creative collaborations with purpose based individuals and organizations with access to funding.

Glowbug Design brand element - leafy branch
Rebecca Daphne Hill portrait


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Rebecca Hill – Bio

BA Hons Graphic Design & Illustration Degree (Northumbria University)
BTEC art foundation (Cumbria College of Art & Design)

Branding Background:

CMM NTFP Brand Consultant
Branding for a newly formed cooperative representing the Mi’kmaw culture authentically in combination with an environment sustainability and community focused project, with national and international audiences.

Responsibilities included:

Overseeing the full branding process, including research, following mission and values, creating a brand strategy and research document, and development of brand deliverables.


Design experience includes:

Multiple small business brands and personal brands including:

  • Timeless & Twist Fashion Boutique
    Rebrand and exterior signage design
  • Elsie’s 2.0 Corner Store
    New brand and exterior building signage design
  • Debbie Lawrence
    Personal brand development and program sub branding.
  • Julie Mont
    Virtual Assistant Services brand strategy and logo design
  • Fundy Compost website: Redesign using existing logo with a modern strategy, developing client avatars for more targeted marketing

Other creative leadership roles:

Co President of the Truro Art Society 2023
Coordinator of Art exhibitions at Noveltea Coffeehouse & Bakery
Event Manager with Art of the Craft Markets

Art Exhibitions

Wildlife CWRC Fundraiser, group show, Nov – Dec 2023
Noveltea Coffee House & Bakery, Truro, NS

Show with Rae Hill, Oct 2023
Noveltea Coffee House & Bakery, Truro, NS

Transformation, group show, July-Aug 2023
Colchester-East Hants Public Library, Truro.

Featured Artist  July 29 2023
The Ice Cube Gallery, Tatamagouche, NS.

Restrictions, group show, July-Aug 2022
Colchester-East Hants Public Library, Truro.

Towards the Light Exhibition, solo show, March 2022
Noveltea Coffee House & Bakery, Truro.

It’s a Kind of Magic, multiple artists from Truro Art Society, December 2021
Marigold Cultural Centre, Truro.

Shine Exhibition, multiple artists, June 2021
Colchester-East Hants Public Library, Truro


 Email me or reach me through social media:

Glowbug Design brand element - leafy branch
Photo of Nova Scotia Artist Rebecca Hill


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Pencil portrait of a ginger cat by Rebecca Hill


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