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I’m Rebecca!

A creator, dreamer, optimist and intrepid problem solver.

Passionate creator of things from a tiny age including illustrating children’s books, book cover, graphic design, and web design. As a graphic artist and web designer in my business Glowbug Design & Illustrations, I focus on projects that connect on an emotional level. From creative, unique logos, brand coaching to portraiture I aim to find the heart of each project and bring it to life with style!

Obsessively upgrading my knowledge to current trends, and with 15+ years of working with clients, I am committed to finding the best and most beautiful solution.

Let’s dive in and find your best path to bridge the gap in making your dream creation a reality.

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Glowbug Design brand element - leafy branch
Rebecca Hill - portrait artist and Brand Expert at Glowbug Design

“Rebecca has become my designer of choice and the person I recommend to all my clients. Her thoughtful, methodical, and creative approach to any project ensures the end product is aligned with the client’s needs.”

Debbie Lawrence

President, Abundant Living Inc.

Rebecca Hill – Bio

BA Hons Graphic Design & Illustration Degree (Northumbria University)
BTEC art foundation (Cumbria College of Art & Design)

Branding Background:

CMM NTFP Brand Consultant 2020 – 2021:
Branding for a newly formed cooperative representing the Mi’kmaw culture authentically in combination with an environment sustainability and community focused project, with national and international audiences.

Responsibilities included:

Assisting with the full branding process, including research, consideration of the mission and values, consulting with local cultural experts, board of director meetings, market research, creating a brand strategy and research document, subcontracting a Mi’kmaw artist, and development of brand deliverables.


Design experience includes:

10+ years of freelance web design for various companies.

Multiple small business brands and personal brands including:

  • Timeless & Twist Fashion Boutique
    Rebrand and exterior signage design
  • Elsie’s 2.0 Corner Store
    New brand and exterior building signage design
  • Debbie Lawrence
    Personal brand development and program sub branding.
  • Julie Mont
    Virtual Assistant Services brand strategy and logo design
  • Fundy Compost website: Redesign using existing logo with a modern strategy, developing client avatars for more targeted marketing

Other useful experience.
Currently on the Truro Art Society executive (3 years) – gained experience working with a community in an organizer, creative supporting role.

Rebecca Hill with her artwork

Art Exhibitions

Restrictions, group show, July-Aug 2022
Colchester-East Hants Public Library, Truro.

Towards the Light Exhibition, solo show, March 2022
Noveltea Coffee House & Bakery, Truro.

It’s a Kind of Magic, multiple artists from Truro Art Society, December 2021
Marigold Cultural Centre, Truro.

Shine Exhibition, multiple artists, June 2021
Colchester-East Hants Public Library, Truro.

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Glowbug Design brand element - leafy branch