This little space traveler is a survivor. My son proudly brought home a space tomato seedling. His brother helped transfer it to a pot but in the process snapped the stem! We thought it was completely doomed… The seeds were from the space station so this little critter was irreplaceable.

Something the about the way it wasn’t totally wilting and the look on my kids little face made me pause then water the plant, talk to it, and name him Zorg.

The next day it was lying flat, looking like a lost cause BUT I saw its leaves were turning up towards the sun. So more chatting to Zorg, more water and gently putting soil around its horrific wound.

Today Zorg has new leaves and is triumphantly sprouting new roots from his stem and the broken parts. I think he’s going to make it! Unless I forget to water him which to be fair is a real risk.

So the message I took from this is when you feel like Zorg, like you have been snapped almost in half, even when you are broken and on the ground, you can turn your face to the sun and start new roots.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look all buff like the tall plants next to you – they have no clue what you’ve overcome.