Gorgeous Scroll-stopping Backgrounds

for Creators!

Get your FREE creator resources to SHINE YOUR UNIQUE LIGHT and avoid overused free stock photos and textures.


Becca’s Backgrounds is taking a pause while Becca completes a creative commitment.

Gorgeous Scroll-stopping Backgrounds

for Creators!

Get your FREE creator resources to SHINE YOUR UNIQUE LIGHT and avoid overused free stock photos and textures.

free background textures - charcoal texture pack
free painted background textures


Charcoal Fusion Background Pack!

Taken from the magical depths of the fire pit in my back yard. The burned wood looks irridescent when colours are applied!

Have fun experimenting with these curious crackled backgrounds.

This free pack includes 5 texture backgrounds.

Too busy to download them? (or your hard drive is too full with photos you can’t bear to delete either?) Have no fear – you can use them instantly in Canva from the bonus template I made for you.


free charcoal background textures for creatives
free charcoal background textures for creatives
free charcoal background textures for creatives

So… What can I do with backgrounds?


So. Many. Things!

Combine them with your content and art to bring more happiness to the world. Here are just a few ideas:

– Social media post backgrounds
– Thank you card backgrounds
– Backgrounds for flyers, posters, business cards.
– Packaging & label backgrounds
– Mugs, cushions, masks etc.
– Website section backgrounds
– Product mock up backgrounds
– Branding backgrounds
– Scrapbooking
– Screen desktops

Tie-dye background textures

(Not for use in templates for resale without significant modification or in a format that can be separated from your content. Flatten your art onto the background first. See licence info here)

branding for female entrepreneurs with spirit

Becca’s backgrounds emporium of creator resources coming soon!

Watch this space!

For now, I just have free packs available (so terrible I know!)

Soon, for those who fall in love with a free pack and want more in the same style, I’ll be offering affordable extended packs with many times more, that come with extra useful bits and pieces like templates, pattern tiles and more.

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What am I allowed to create with them?




You may use the backgrounds to create:

  • A free product or one for sale.
  • Personal designs and commercial designs.
  • Use them in more than one project.

You may not:

  • Use them stand alone without combining them with your own content.
  • Share them separate from your design, or in a format where they can be separated out to be used alone by other people. (Flatten your artwork before sharing!)
  • Sell them as part of a resource or template that would compete with this business.
  • Use them in a way that implies someone else created them. You don’t have to attribute, or draw attention to them, but please don’t actively imply you made them from scratch.

Basically please enjoy them but help me protect them from being spammed around. If you want to share them with someone, please send them to my site. Thanks!

I’m Becca!

Artist, Designer, brand consultant and tea drinker.

My favourite thing is finding joy and beauty in the small things around us.

After way too many years trying to be someone else, someone more professional and sensible,  I needed a new, more creative adventure.

This journey took courage to listen to my intuition, to move away from the comfort zone, and what I found was the OPPOSITE of my fears. Being my authentic quirky self and leaning into creating joyfully drew far more abundance that trying to be ‘professional’.

This is why I created Becca’s Backgrounds. To share my obsession with capturing the beauty in textures all around us and, and to encourage others to quiet the mean inner voices, and take back their power.

To PLAY and create bold, beautiful creations joyfully.

Rebecca Hill - portrait artist and Brand Expert at Glowbug Design

“Rebecca’s first brand draft drew a deeply emotional response as for the first time, I felt like someone had been able to get inside my head and truly convey my “why” and the spirit of the brand. It truly brought me to tears as I finally felt that someone heard what I was trying to say but didn’t know how to.”

Donna McDonald-Landry

Owner, Timeless & Twist Fashion Boutique

“The first presentation was beautiful! I felt totally had heard and sensed what my business represents and who I am. She hit the nail on the head with the first concept. Even my husband said so! As soon as I saw it, I felt it right in my stomach!”

Regina Vereker

Owner, CobwebMoon | Crystals & Stones

“The final product, thus far, has absolutely blown me away. It was nothing like what I THOUGHT I was looking for, but quickly realized this is what I needed. Everything about my personality, what I want to represent, and who I am, is captured in this branding. Absolutely blows my mind.”

Andrew Rehberg

Streamer, Asgard Dad