Run Wild Like a Cow!

One of the great things about owning a business is that I get mixed up in all kinds of madness. Yesterday at an onsite website client meeting there were yells of ‘The cows are out!’ I have to admit that as much as I think they are beautiful, I am a bit terrified of giant, unpredictable animals. But there was no time to think. I put my gold sparkly shoes on and ran with the owners through the long grass (trying to not to picture a million ravenous ticks leaping onto me).

When I got to the cows (four of them) it dawned on me I didn’t actually know what to do. The cows looked disinterestedly at me like I was an insignificant threat (which admittedly I was!) It seemed like we were staring at each other for an eternity all thinking – now what?

Luckily the owners knew what to do and directed me to waving and yelling “HUP” and being some kind of weird visual barrier as they got between the cows and the road. We guided the bemused cows through a gap in the fence and safely back away from the danger. As I walked back to the house I soaked up the sun and trees and felt exhilarated.

While I’m not about to sell up and buy a hobby farm (in my dream I would get miniature ponies), I’m appreciating how small things like acknowledging the fears of a situation but keeping going can lead to crazy, wonderful experiences. Although I already knew this to be true, it’s easy to forget. Fear can block out the view of potential positive outcomes of a situation.

So the next time fears crowd your head, turn and ask them “what cool experiences are you hiding from me? I want to see more than the catastrophes.” If they don’t have a good answer, take a deep breath and run wild like a cow!

In case you were worried – no ticks attacked me and my sparkly shoes were fine.

I’d love to hear about your wins against fear, no win is too insignificant!

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