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Who is Debbie Lawrence?

Debbie Lawrence is a business strategist, personal coach, podcaster and speaker with a focus in compassionate leadership.

The Project


Debbie Lawrence, an experienced marketing educator, had contracted various designers over the years. She reached out to me to help create the right alignment with her personal branding to her various business programs.

We worked together to evaluate what worked, what connects with her ideal client base, her values and her unique brand personality to create a warm, elegant, professional personal brand.

The range of elements created allows Debbie flexibility while maintaining a consistent brand presence.

Ways we made Debbie’s brand unique while keeping a clean professional look:

  • Colour alignment: Curating colours from her palette that both reflect what Debbie intuitively uses in her life, while ensuring they communicate her brand voice effectively and connect with her audience.
  • Personalization: Using Debbie’s own handwriting to make her script details.
  • Supporting brand elements: Creating branded icons to represent Debbie’s real, perceptive, entertaining quotes.
  • Storytelling support: Keeping the starfish concept from her existing program brand which reflects an important story within her teachings.
Debbie Lawrence personal brand design logo - business card mockup
Debbie Lawrence personal brand design logo - circular option
Compassionate Leader brand icon - starfish
Compassionate Leader brand icon - shown on a cellphone
Compassionate Leader School brand submark - pink logo on a navy background
“Rebecca has become my designer of choice and the person I recommend to all my clients. Her thoughtful, methodical, and creative approach to any project ensures the end product is aligned with the client’s needs.

Her artist’s eye is a bonus and shines through each and every design decision. And best of all, she does what she says she’ll do in the timeframe agreed upon. All of this makes Glowbug Design & Illustration a very easy ‘yes’ for me!”

Debbie Lawrence

President, Abundant Living Inc.

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