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Who is Julie Mont, virtual assistant services?

Julie Mont is a small business consultant & business administration expert. Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Julie provides high quality reliable V/A services remotely across Atlantic Canada.

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The Project

Julie Mont invested in the Shine out Package. This is a comprehensive brand strategy service that takes a deep dive into the why, the brand values, point of difference, competitive positioning, brand story and more.

With the information gathered, we created a brand strategy document that Julie could refer back to in the future.

The brand is designed so she can target client segments in a customized way and keep within the umbrella of the overall brand.

Custom branded Canva templates allow Julie to create her own branded posts with a consistent set of fonts, colours and photography style.

By the end of the journey, Julie received a custom developed professional logo package and brand guidebook, a wide range of brand assets and clarity on her messaging and niche.



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“Simon Sinek says people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Thanks to Rebecca I now have my WHY and a clear consistent brand message as well a clear focus of my customer avatars.”

Julie Mont

Owner, Julie Mont Virtual Assistant Services

The Client Experience:

Regina Vereker rebranding client of Glowbug Design & Illustrations

Julie Mont, Owner of Julie Mont Virtual Assistant Services talks about her logo redesign and brand strategy journey with Glowbug Design & Illustrations:

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“When I decided to start another new business, I knew I needed more than a fancy logo and a business name.

I needed a brand with a story behind it and a consistent message that I could communicate to my clients.

Based on a recommendation from business and life coach, Debbie Lawrence, I contacted Rebecca at Glowbug.” 

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The Process

“The process has been more than I could’ve hoped for. Rebecca helped me take a deep dive into my life, honestly it was like a little bit of therapy. She was able to put all my random stories, thoughts, ideas and words into a whole brand workbook that began to make sense. It was like a puzzle coming together.

She is a creative genius and her artwork and ideas are something that I could never have put together myself. She brought together the story of my personal life, my entrepreneurial experience and the direction I want to take this new business. That’s not some thing that could’ve happened if I just hired her to create a logo without her knowing the backstory.”

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 The Results

“I was expecting a business name and logo. Instead I was presented with a full brand workbook with so many amazing ideas for my target customer, brand messages and an overall feel that helped me see the potential in myself and the possibilities for my new business.

Rebecca has been an incredible resource. She was so amazing to deal with and was truly as excited about the total package that we were putting together as I was. Her enthusiasm for my little project has inspired me. She was always polite, friendly and professional.

Our zoom meetings to go over the brand project we’re always some thing I looked forward to. It was like having coffee with an incredibly talented friend who cared about me and my business.”

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Why Glowbug?

“Simon Sinek says people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Thanks to Rebecca I now have my WHY and a clear consistent brand message as well a clear focus of my customer avatars.

It’s all been put together in a pretty package tied up with a beautiful bow and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

I would highly recommend hiring Rebecca and not just for design but for her total branding package. The process will be invaluable to you both personally and professionally. I will be referring her to everyone I know who may need her support and creative abilities.”

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